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Testing & Evaluations


A legal year-end option available is a personal evaluation administered by a Florida certified teacher whereby the teacher reviews the portfolio and has an interview with the child. This option is open to a child of any age but is especially recommended for Kindergartners and 1st and 2nd graders who may feel too much pressure from a large classroom-type setting. The personal evaluation is done orally with some written requirements, where applicable. Both testing options are equally acceptable by the School Board. The following are names of some certified teachers who are willing to offer their services. Please be aware that each teacher has his/her own evaluation method and standards. With this in mind, the PSG will not endorse any specific teacher. It is the responsibility of each parent to contact a teacher of their choice and set up a mutually agreeable time and place. (Remember that the teacher is your choice and if you know someone else who is a FL certified teacher, you may choose that person).


Alba Mulet

[email protected]


(Testing, Evaluations, Tutoring)

South Broward/Pembroke Pines


Will & Gloria Ortiz

[email protected]

(954) 305-0402

(Testing, Evaluations, H.S. Counseling, Transcripts, College Advising)

North/South Broward


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