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Record Keeping


Homeschool Tracker

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A homeschool tracker can take just about any form you can imagine. Homeschool records can be kept in a notebook or on special computer software; they can be simple or fancy. The important thing is that you do keep track of the work your children have completed. Even if your state only requires that you keep attendance records, you'll want to know what topics you've covered and what your children still need to review. It is also a good idea to get into the habit of keeping records, as you'll need a thorough account of high school work to create transcripts to help your child enter college one day.

Record Books

If you're not a big computer guru, then you might prefer to keep a hardcopy of your records. Simple lesson plans and record keeping books for teachers work well for homeschool. You can find this at your local teacher supply store or online at sites such as Teacher's Paradise and

Or, you can use blank paper and line it the way you'd like or a simple single subject notebook to keep track of past lessons and grades. There are also daily planners that are more general in nature, or for business men and women, that can work perfectly fine for tracking daily lessons for your homeschool.




Those who have computers often find that software programs are one of the easiest ways to track multiple children in a household and keep track of lesson plans. In addition, many software programs give you the ability to print report cards and even high school transcripts. Report cards are sometimes required for reward programs from restaurants and places like ice cream shops, so the ability to print your own can be vital if you want to take advantage of those deals. A record of your lesson plans also provides proof of the work you're doing if anyone ever questions your homeschool.

Homeschool Tracker by TGHomeSoft

One of the most popular software programs, homeschool tracker allows you track everything from lesson plans, to test scores to attendance records. Print transcripts, report cards, reading lists and more. There are two versions of Homeschool Tracker. The basic edition is free and the deluxe, which gives you additional features, is around $49.00.

Transcript Pro

Parents of high school students will appreciate the professional looking results of [ Transcript Pro]. This program even allows you to print professional looking transcripts with or without GPA and many other options. The software runs $49.00.


A complete record keeping and lesson planning software that will help you keep your homeschool organized. You can print report cards, track attendance, issue diplomas and even print out award certificates. Edu-Track runs $59.00.

Online Records

Another option is to keep your homeschool records on a subscription-based website. This frees up space on your hard drive, since you likely won't have to download a bulky software program. Also, if your computer crashes, you won't lose valuable records you may not have backed up or printed off.

Homeschool Skedtrack

This site offers the ability to plan lessons, keep records and keep a running homeschooling schedule for a busy family. Available for K through 12. The system will also track the number of days completed and even hours logged, if you'd like. The best news? The Homeschool Skedtrack is currently free!

Homeschool Incorporated

Another free web-based homeschool tracker system is located on the Homeschool Incorporated website. You'll find some additional helps on this site, including legal forms, community forums and a curriculum store.

Make Your Own

Some folks prefer to make their own record keeping system in Excel or another database program. Columns you might include would be the name of the child, date, subject studied, specific task, and grade. It isn't necessary to keep fancy records, just to keep track of what your child is studying.